1. dandelion—seed:

    Too tired and lazy for eye makeup these days zzzzz


  2. urbangranola:

    Remember when I said that drinking apple cider vinegar made me want to scrub my mouth out with steel wool? Well through my super scientific methods of trying stuff until it works, I figured out a way to not only get it in me, but to actually enjoy it. Imagine that. (Note: I knew before I started…

    Wanna try this


  3. New hobby-

    I am going to start making my own products for cleanliness and beauty. Nothing will be be harmful, everything you could find in your kitchen, and it will all be ph balanced. I am going to be starting with the following items-

    Pumpkin face cleanser
    Apple cider vinegar hair cleanser (pumpkin?)
    Charcoal powder, coconut oil, aloe Vera, lavender oil mascara.
    Wish me luck! Should be fun!

  5. giangiacomopepe:

    Giangiacomo Pepe

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  6. steeloice:


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  7. jnavarro420:

    Everyone should have one just in case. 😊

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  8. o-ohmy-senpai:

    If you don’t worship your girls ass what are you even doing

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  9. vintagegal:

    Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

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